Brain, Mind and Consciousness Society at UCSC, April 2015

“I think therefore I am” were the words spoken by philosopher Descartes many moons ago. Our ability to perceive and reason, as humans, has given us a one up on most, if not all, other species on the planet. But is there something beyond the thinking? And what is the origin of the thinking itself? Tanner Person and Kayanu Hoffman, of the Brain, Mind and Consciousness Society (BMC) at UCSC, joined me in discussing question such as these. In it’s fourth year, the BMC is flourishing as students from many different educational backgrounds come together to push the boundaries in understanding the somewhat unexplainable. We also had an opportunity to talk about their upcoming annual conference, where guests such as Ralph Quinn and Raymond Moody would be speaking about their research into various avenues of consciousness.

Frank Andrews Ph.D. Professor Emeritus UCSC on Personal Empowerment and The Art and Practice of Loving, April 2015

I’m honored to welcome Professor Emeritus of UCSC Frank Andrews. Frank has quite a history, one that started off asking questions about chemistry that has evolved into asking questions such as “How shall I live this one precious life?” In this interview we talk about his years of work with students on psychological unlocking, as well as his beautiful book The Art and Practice of Loving. For more information on Frank’s work go to

Dr. Melvin Konner on his book Women After All: Sex, evolution and the end of Male Supremacy, April 2015

What does it mean to be man or woman in our world today? How do we fill the roles that society defines for us? And is our femaleness or maleness a result of nature or nurture? Dr. Melvin Konner examines the male and female roles and experiences through the lenses of genetics, chemistry, evolution, comparison of species and roles of the sexes across time in his book Women After All: Sex, Evolution, and the End of Male Supremacy. He argues that the last 10,000 years of human history has led to an imbalance between women and men, one that has permeated every sphere of our life and now potentially threatens the world that we live in; that the current state of patriarchal society that we find ourselves in is not in our best interest as a species from an evolutionary standpoint. In order to move forward into a future that has a chance for overcoming our current global challenges, it may be the long suppressed qualities of the feminine that are needed the most.

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Urban Farming and Land Access in the Bay Area with Michelle Glowa, August 2015
Local Economy, Community and The Little Business Book with Dick Scoppettone, August 2015
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Sound Healing, Morning Messages and Healing Burned Woman with Peggy Black, June 2015
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Dr. Amy Kelchner of S.C. Naturopathic Medical Center on Vaccines, June 2015
2nd Story Respite House, May 2015
Fossil Free UC Divestment, May 2015
Cecile Andrews on the Living Room Revolution, May 2015
SB 277 Mandatory Vaccine Senate Bill, May 2015
The Artemis Project with Founder Kristen Rivers, April 2015
Brain, Mind and Consciousness Society at UCSC, April 2015
Frank Andrews PhD Professor Emeritus UCSC on Personal Empowerment and the Art and Practice of Loving, April 2015
Dr. Melvin Konner on his book Women After All: Sex, Evolution and the End of Male Supremacy, March 2015
Sambada with Danda Da Hora and Anne Stafford on Artists On Art, March 2015
Mark Lakeman on Placemaking, February 2015
Waste’s Not, Want Not, Food Chain Radio with Michael Olson, April 2014
People Versus Pathogens, Food Chain Radio With Michael Olson, April 2014

Sambada with Danda Da Hora and Anne Stafford on Artists On Art March 2015

Members of the Santa Cruz based Brazilian band, Sambada, come to share the release of their 4th album Ritual. In this interview we talk about the responsibility of being an artists in the world today, honoring women and sisterhood, their collaboration bringing life and inspiration to the prison system and why the hips don’t lie! This interview was done on the KZSC show Artists on Art, as a sub for founder and host Nada Miljkovic, in partnership with co-producer Emmalyn Young. To see her archive of inspiring interviews surrounding myriad artists and art forms go to

Mark Lakeman on Placemaking February 2015

What does it mean to “make a place” where we live, in our mind-driven society fraught with separation and disconnect? In this interview Mark Lakeman, architect, activist and philosopher, examines human history leading to the present and how the oppressive structures of grids and boxes that make up modern architecture can be softened by building community with intention and participation. Mark Lakeman, February 2015

Waste’s Not, Want Not, Food Chain Radio with Michael Olson, April 2014

Waste’s Not, Want Not, Food Chain Radio with Michael Olson, April 2014

As disease and diet related epidemics spread through the developed world so too does an awareness grow as to the connection between our health and the foods we eat. Armed with tools such as food labels, certifications and government agencies appearing to act in our best interest, we go to the store and we purchase the foods that we can afford that are the healthiest option. We trust that the standards set are in the interest of human health, that if it comes with a label such as organic or product of the U.S. that our government agencies are assuring a safe product. What we may not know are the mystery fertilizer ingredients that our foods are being grown with, that our parks are being covered in, that our forest grounds are being blanketed in. Caroline Snyder Professor Emeritus at Rochester Institute of Technology and Founder of non-profit Citizens for Sludge-Free Land ( and Patty Martin Co-Founder of Safe Food and Fertilizer ( and former Mayor of Quincy, Washington.

People Versus Pathogens, Food Chain Radio with Michael Olson, April 2014

People Versus Pathogens, Food Chain Radio with Michael Olson, April 2014

As humans today we are very comfortable with the idea of ourselves as individuals and our body as our own. but did you know that you are 90% not you? Only 10% of the cells in the human body are human cells, the other 90% can be attributed to a myriad of bacterial, viral and maybe even some fungal cells; but don’t let that send you into an identity crisis.The good news is most of the time those communities that we host are beneficial and even crucial to our existence. Gautam Dantas, Ph D, principal investigator at Washington University at St. Louis, The Dantas Lab works at the interface of microbial genomics, ecology, biochemistry, and synthetic biology, to understand, harness, and engineer the biochemical processing potential of microbial communities.