Interview Content Listing

Symbiosis Gathering, September 2016
The Book of Mastery with Paul Selig and the Guides, August 2016
Sound Healing with Jonah Kai and Danny Goldberg, July 2016
Summer Cosmological Map with Denise Elizabeth Byron, June 2016
Growing Up Wild and The Artemis Project Youth Empowerment, June 2016
West Coast Dowsing Conference with Karen Ashley and Dick Tippit, June 2016
The Resonance Project and Unified Field Theory with Nassim Haramein, May 2016
Ecstatic Love, Lucid Dreams and Women of Vision with David Jay Brown and Rebecca Ann Hill, May 2016
Clash of the Paradigms with Dannion Brinkley, April 2016
The Secret History of North America with Scott Wolter, April 2016
Resilience from the Heart with Gregg Braden, March 2016
Spring Numerology and Astrology Forecast with Denise Elizabeth Byron, March 2016
15th Annual New Living Expo with Ken Kaufman, March 2016
In the Company of Sages with Greg Bogart, February 2016
The Enlightened Relationship with Steve Smith, January 2016
26th Annual National Bioneers Conference Interview Series, October 2015
Numerology Forecast into 2016: the 9 Year with Denise Elizabeth Byron, December 2015
Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being, December 2015
Models of Love with Barry and Joyce Vissell, November 2015
Geodesic Domes and Living Off of the Grid with Redwood Devitt, November 2015
Dream of the Soul with Michael Meade of the Mosaic Multicultural Foundation, November 2015
The List: Tools to Create the Life of Your Dreams with Rebecca Fisk, October 2015
Astronumerology and the Fall Forecast with Denise Elizabeth Byron, October 2015
Tuning The Human Biofield with Eileen Day McKusick, October 2015
Dowsing and Intuitive Guidance with Melinda Iverson Inn, October 2015
World Cafe at Bioneers with David Shaw, October 2015
Bioneers Conference 2015 with Executive Director Joshua Fouts, September 2015
Partnering With Nature: Catriona MacGregor, September 2015
Shining A Light With River and Bodhi Robbins, September 2015
Vegan Life with Lemo of the Lemessy Project, September 2015
Urban Farming and Land Access in the Bay Area with Michelle Glowa, August 2015
Local Economy, Community and The Little Business Book with Dick Scoppettone, August 2015
Dina and Luca Viara on Artists On Art, August 2015
A Shared Heart with Joyce and Barry Vissell, August 2015
Transformational Education and Nonviolent Communication with Christine King, August 2015
Connecting the Dots: Environmental Education and Literature with Candace Calsoyas Ph.D., July 2015
The Great American Health Hoax with Raymond Francis, July 2015
The Evo Room: Activate Your Genius with Jay Brown, July 2015
Dalai Lama Double Feature with Director/Producer Khashyar Darvich, July 2015
Lucid Dreaming and Psychedelic Shamanism with David Jay Brown, July 2015
Sound Healing, Morning Messages and Healing Burned Woman with Peggy Black, June 2015
Healing Burned Woman with Barbara Thomas, June 2015
Growing Up Wild with Ismael Cruz, June 2015
Dr. Amy Kelchner of S.C. Naturopathic Medical Center on Vaccines, June 2015
2nd Story Respite House, May 2015
Fossil Free UC Divestment, May 2015
Cecile Andrews on the Living Room Revolution, May 2015
SB 277 Mandatory Vaccine Senate Bill, May 2015
The Artemis Project with Founder Kristen Rivers, April 2015
Brain, Mind and Consciousness Society at UCSC, April 2015
Frank Andrews PhD Professor Emeritus UCSC on Personal Empowerment and the Art and Practice of Loving, April 2015
Dr. Melvin Konner on his book Women After All: Sex, Evolution and the End of Male Supremacy, March 2015
Sambada with Danda Da Hora and Anne Stafford on Artists On Art, March 2015
Mark Lakeman on Placemaking, February 2015
Waste’s Not, Want Not, Food Chain Radio with Michael Olson, April 2014
People Versus Pathogens, Food Chain Radio With Michael Olson, April 2014

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