Healing Burned Woman with Barbara Thomas, June 2015


From the 15th to 18th Centuries hundreds of thousands, up to possibly millions, of people were burned at the stake for being healers, visionaries or gifted. The majority of these cases were women. It was also during those times that the path for healers who connected with nature for guidance, was closed; leaving the elementals with little human partnership. More and more people today are recognizing gifts within themselves and their own children, some with shame and fear, and others in acceptance. It is possible that some of the taboo around embodying one’s own gifts comes from the collective disconnect that happened during the Burning Times. In this interview author and artist, Barbara Thomas, speaks about how to bring awareness to the disconnect, heal it, and move on to a more whole form of living on this planet, with this planet.

Growing Up Wild with Ismael Cruz, June 2015


Nowhere are children more free and full of imagination than when they are outdoors. Unfortunately, in our society, time outdoors has become somewhat of a luxury. Many parents are looking for experiences for their children that reconnects them with nature. Growing Up Wild is doing exactly this, with a special focus on honoring diversity and making these experience accessible to all who are interested. In this interview I speak with Growing Up Wild founder Ismael Cruz about what inspired him to facilitate outdoor education for local youth.

Dr. Amy Kelchner of S.C Naturopathic Medical Center on Vaccines, June 2015

Dr. Amy Kelchner

As parents, we are constantly weighing the benefit vs. risk on so many different things coming into our children’s lives. One topic that is not new to controversy but is becoming something potentially out of the sphere of parental decision making is vaccination. Bills on the state and federal level are being introduced so that vaccination becomes mandatory for any child who wishes to enter school, public or private. In this interview Dr. Amy Kelchner speaks about her experience as a naturopathic doctor in advising parents about vaccinations, her classes on the vaccination schedule and first hand experience she has witnessed in regard to vaccine reactions.

2nd Story Respite House, May 2015

2nd Story Respite House

More and more communities are coming together to find alternative solutions to daily struggles. The 2nd Story Respite House is just one of those community solutions. Tucked away here in Santa Cruz is California’s first respite house, a safe place for people struggling with emotional upheaval. The 2nd Story Respite House provides community and support in myriad ways to help people navigate what they refer to as “big feelings,” without interrupting much of normal daily life. Here people come together to share stories, offer peer-to-peer support, practice mindfulness, garden and heal. The connections being created at the 2nd Story Respite House are something that all humans long for and deserve.

Fossil Free UC Divestment, May 2015


Scientist have told us that we cannot pass the 2 degree global temperature increase from pre-industrial levels, if we want to avoid climate catastrophe over the coming century. In order to stay under that 2 degree increase, fossil fuel companies could only extract and burn 20% of their available reserves; but that is not what the fossil fuel industry has planned. What can average people like you and I do to affect a trillion dollar industry on which much of our economy is based? Alden Phinney and Margaux Schindler suggest that divesting might be one of the most actionable ways by which to affect the fossil fuel industry, and that it is the responsibility of the UC system to be the leader that it claims to be in forging a sustainable future.