The Great American Health Hoax with Raymond Francis, July 2015

Raymond Francis

Americans pay some of the highest costs for health care, yet our nation is one of the sickest on the planet; and most of the common chronic diseases are rising. Given that different demographics experience either health or disease on a continuum, it suggests that lifestyle and environment play a key role in which side of the spectrum one falls on. But could health be nourished by something as simple as the food we put in our bodies? Author Raymond Francis joins us to discuss how fresh, whole foods, along with the right supplementation, can give our cells everything they need to stay in repair mode, keeping us young and vibrant. For more information go to

The Evo Room: Activate Your Genius with Jay Brown, July 2015

Jay Brown

Often times as individuals go off on the journey of transformation and awakening they find themselves wading through the mud of ego and personal history. But it doesn’t have to be all work and no play when one is seeking to “activate their genius”, and Jay Brown, the founder of the Evo Room, has set out to cultivate transformation with play as his main tool. In this interview we discuss why he believes play is so important in life, how pushing one’s boundaries of comfort creates relationship, and how you can participate in the work that the Evo Room is doing. For more information go to

Dalai Lama Double Feature with Director/Producer Khashyar Darvich, July 2015

Khashyar Darvich at KZSC

Few leaders are alive today who embody compassion and happiness like His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Few film makers get the opportunity to work over the course of 15 years intimately with The Dalai Lama, and then are able to translate that work into films that leave a real impression on the heart. Khashyar Darvich was able to just that. Producing and directing The Dalai Lama Awakening and Compassion in Action, Khashyar has now taken this double feature on the road to connect heart to heart with all hoping to glean inspiration and insights from the stories in these films based around His Holiness The Dalai Lama. To find the films go to and to learn about other projects Khashyar is working on go to

Lucid Dreaming and Psychedelic Shamanism with David Jay Brown, July 2015

David Jay Brown

Where do we go as we close our eyes and fall asleep each night? What potential exists in that realm when utilized from a lucid perspective? Author David Jay Brown joins us to discuss his research into the topic of lucid dreaming and the book that came from that experience Dreaming Wide Awake: Exploring the Interface of Lucid Dreaming, Out of Body Experiences and Shamanic Healing. He examines the relationship between the lucid state, during dreaming, with that of psychedelic experiences, as well as, provides tips and tools for becoming lucid and suggestions for what to do once you find yourself dreaming wide awake. For more information on the work of David Jay Brown visit

Sound Healing, Morning Messages and Healing Burned Woman with Peggy Black, June 2015


Peggy Black is a woman who has followed her inner guidance, and in so doing, has been led into the realms of sound healing, transducing and working in partnership with other healers. Her work has taken her around the world where she has continued to build upon her understanding of different healing modalities. In this interview we talk about her role as friend and supporter of Barbara Thomas in sharing Healing Burned Woman’s story, as well as, her own work as a sound healer and channel. The inspirational messages, channeled by her from her team, can be found at