Local Economy, Community and The Little Business Book with Dick Scoppetone

Dick Scopettone

In this age of globalization and all that comes with it, now more than ever are small businesses important. Yet, 50% of small businesses close within the first 5 years after opening. Where a business might be small, small does not equal easy. Long-time small business owner, author and consultant Dick Scoppettone joins us to discuss his book The Little Business Book and the 5 steps he suggests towards starting and maintaining a successful small business. For more information go to: www.littlebiz.us

Dina and Luca Viara on Artists On Art, August 2015


Art comes in many forms, between Dina and Luca Viara they range the art gamut. Whether it be family art, photography, or the art of travel, culture and cuisine, one theme connects them all, loving what you do. In this interview for the show Artists On Art on KZSC, Dina and Luca share their lives experience being immersed in art, and how eventually their paths were brought together.

A Shared Heart with Joyce and Barry Vissell, August 2015

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Whether we are conscious of it or not our relationships have the potential to  act as a great catalyst for a deeper knowing of ourselves and a greater connection with all that is. For those who desire to take that journey, consciously with their partner, this interview is for you. Joyce and Barry Vissell, authors and husband and wife of 50 years, share their own personal experiences and those they have had helping others to cultivate more and more love. They have spread their gems of wisdom through their retreats and books; in this interview we reference their book The Shared Heart. For more information go to: http://www.sharedheart.org

Transformational Education and Nonviolent Communication with Christine King, August 2015


It is said that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Knowing this, how can one better move forward in this world so full of complexities and sometimes conflict? Christine King is working to help college students and community members across the board do exactly that. In this interview we discuss the importance of providing tools for communication and problems solving through the use of nonviolent communication, transformative education and social-emotional learning. For more information go to: http://www.groktheworld.com

Connecting the Dots: Environmental Education and Literature with Candace Calsoyas Ph.D., July 2015

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From her early years in a politically charged Berkeley, California, to owning a sustainable Christmas tree farm in Corralitos, to later traveling halfway around the world on a Fulbright Scholarship to Albania and Bhutan, Candace Calsoyas  Ph.D. has experienced myriad roles in relating to and engaging others in the environment all around. In this interview she will share about her dissertation work looking into the relationship between women and land ownership and how that resonated with her as a woman landowner herself. She also examines the mutual benefit of going abroad to share environmental education and awareness. Candace is currently editor for the Catamaran Literary Magazine.