Bioneers Conference 2015 with Executive Director Joshua Fouts, September 2015


If you have never been to the Bioneers Conference now is the time to consider it. In fact “now is the time” is a common theme you will hear at Bioneers. Tucked up in San Rafael, at the Marin Center, thousands of change makers converge for a weekend to share, explore and create solutions to these challenging times, for all nations, all species and Gaia herself. The weekend of October 16-18th Bioneers will culminate in a synergy of authors, scientist, indigenous peoples, youth, citizen scientists and so much more! In this interview Joshua Fouts, Executive Director for Bioneers, shares not only what we have to look forward to, but what Bioneers has meant to him. For more information or to register go to:

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Partnering With Nature: Catriona MacGregor, September 2015


We don’t have to look too far to see and experience the dramatic changes happening all around us in nature. The question is, are we even paying attention? We commit ourselves so heavily to the hustle and bustle of modern life that we alienate not only the nature around us, but the nature within us. Author and nature guide, Catriona MacGregor helps to rebuild the bridge between ourselves and the divinity within nature in her book Partnering With Nature, as well as, in leading soul and vision quests. She offers a holistic perspective on why this partnership is not only necessary for health but necessary for survival. For more information go to:

Shining A Light with River and Bodhi Robbins, September 2015

River and Bodhi

Meet two amazing boys, River and Bodhi Robbins. They are twins, 14 years old, awesomely autistic, gardeners, improv kings, bright minds, unschoolers and revolutionaries from a revolutionary family, and so much more!! In this interview they share what inspires them, what every day people can do to make a positive change in the world, and stories from their life. Now so, more than ever, the children are the future; how inspiring to speak with these two young men who hold a vision for positive change. To see speeches from previous years performed by this dynamic due go to:



Vegan Life with Lemo of the Lemessy Project, September 2015


Over 3 decades ago Lemo, of the Lemessy Project, made the connection between food and feeling good. Through a process of trial and error he was led to a whole-foods, plant-based diet. It has been this diet, in combination with other well-being practices, that have produced lasting results of physical, emotional and spiritual health and strength. Recently, Lemo has decided to carry his experience and message out into the world promoting a healthy lifestyle and animal rights. For more information go to:

Urban Farming and Land Access in the Bay Area with Michelle Glowa, August 2015


What could be more empowering than growing your own food and sharing it with the community around you? With our society’s fast-paced, indoor lifestyle people are seeking out farming and gardening in urban areas as a respite and way to reconnect with nature. Many people are also seeking out community gardens to support access to culturally relevant foods. Yet, this is made to be a complex and challenging situation here in the Bay Area where some of the highest property values exist. In this interview I speak with Michelle Glowa Ph.D. who researched and wrote her dissertation on the urban farming movement in the Bay Area, with a focus on land access.