Bioneers Conference 2015 with Executive Director Joshua Fouts, September 2015


If you have never been to the Bioneers Conference now is the time to consider it. In fact “now is the time” is a common theme you will hear at Bioneers. Tucked up in San Rafael, at the Marin Center, thousands of change makers converge for a weekend to share, explore and create solutions to these challenging times, for all nations, all species and Gaia herself. The weekend of October 16-18th Bioneers will culminate in a synergy of authors, scientist, indigenous peoples, youth, citizen scientists and so much more! In this interview Joshua Fouts, Executive Director for Bioneers, shares not only what we have to look forward to, but what Bioneers has meant to him. For more information or to register go to:

Listeners of this show can receive a discount with these codes:

For $50 off a one day pass the code is: transformation50 

For $75 off a three day pass the code is: transformation75 

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