Geodesic Domes and Living Off the Grid with Redwood Devitt, November 2015


Sound shaped as geometry builds the very reality that we experience. Yet our modern culture has become accustomed to sharp edges and living within various boxes. Yet, there are great leaders in thought that stretch beyond the status quo and imagine things such as geodesic domes. In this interview Redwood Devitt shares his experience working with one of those great architectural minds as he joined and later become an owner in his company Shelter Systems, as well as, how he has been living outside of the box and off of the grid for the past 28 years. For more information:

Dream of the Soul with Michael Meade of the Mosaic Multicultural Foundation, November 2015


“There is a dream in the middle of each life; each of us being a dream seeded in a soul around which the body is wrapped”- Michael Meade. We each come to this life, to this collective experience, bearing gifts. These gifts that we come with are precious and unique, and so often these days never brought to fruition. In a world externally focused and materially oriented many of us find ourselves wandering lost. None feel the effects more than the members of our youth. Michael Meade works to help bridge these gaps and bring alive the dream of the soul through storytelling and myth. For more information go to:

The List: Tools to Create the Life of Your Dreams with Rebecca Fisk, October 2015


We often hear about the law of attraction and rules of energy, and yet even after years of trying to understand, it can still be challenging to put into practice. For this reason clairvoyant, medical intuitive and psychic medium Rebecca Fisk wrote the book The List: Tools to Create the Life of Your Dreams, where she outlines some very practical and applicable practices for drawing in desired energies. What we better understand we can better utilize in our own lives. For more information go to:

Astronumerology and the Fall forecast with Denise Elizabeth Byron, October 2015


So many things are at play when we examine how we are feeling, what we are drawing into our lives, and where we are on our journey. One of the energetic forces that gently guides, or sometimes rather strongly pushes us as we go, is that of the macro planetary forces. There are many world views and interpretations of how exactly astrology plays out on an individual or collective scale; intuitive and coach Denise Elizabeth Byron combines both astrology and numerology in her understanding of these forces. In this interview we give a look back at the summer energies, as we look forward through the end of the year, on what we can focus on cultivating. For more information go to:

Tuning The Human Biofield with Eileen Day McKusick, October 2015

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Everything in this universe comes down to frequency and vibration. If in fact “in the beginning was the word” then it is possible that the creation of all started with sound. How does sound translate into the dense, physical three-dimensional form? Eileen Day McKusick examines this and much more in her book Tuning The Human Biofield. In this interview Eileen speaks about her years of experience working with tuning forks and the electromagnetic field, or biofield, that surrounds the human body. For more information go to:

Dowsing and Intuitive Guidance with Melinda Iverson Inn, October 2015


We hear the word intuition often, but understanding it and what our inner guidance is telling us might be somewhat foreign still. There are tools for developing “ears to listen”, or better said, eyes to see. Dowsing is an age old technique that involves using a tool, such as a pendulum or dowsing fork, to aid in answering questions related to just about anything. These tools respond to the finer frequencies that exist in and around us. Melinda Iverson Inn shares what dowsing as a tool has done for her in her own life, as well as, other programs, such as Soul Conversations With Kids, that have aided her in coaching individuals and families. For more information go to:

World Cafe at Bioneers with David Shaw, October 2015


Some of the biggest challenges of our time call for our best problem solving skills, which inherently requires our best communication skills. And as Einstein so succinctly stated you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. So what does a new form of communication look like? One approach, The World Café, explores group dialogue that involves cultivating conversations that matter. In this interview David Shaw, of The Common Ground Center, explains the benefits of utilizing the World Café method and why the Bioneers Conference is such a rich platform for bringing people together in conversations that matter. For more information go to: or