Numerology Forecast into 2016: the 9 Year with Denise Elizabeth Byron, December 2015


What can we look forward to in the year 2016? What from our history still has lessons to teach or gifts to present? Denise Elizabeth Byron gives us a glimpse through the lens of numerology into the energies that present themselves in a 9 year. On the continuum that is life and learning, relationship and experience of past can offer guidance as we step fully into 2016, a pure 9 year. Dreams may awaken us, old friends may come knock on our door, or we may find ourselves in a place we called home long ago; the possibilities are endless! For more information go to:

Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-being with Linda Graham, December 2015


We are influenced by factors, such as genetics, even before we reach the womb. As we grow our brain begins to “wire” itself based on myriad different factors; our social, emotional, psychological and physical environments being some of them. What if we are wired in an unfavorable way that is not serving us and so we would like to change it? Linda Graham, author of Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-being shares how exactly we can use different tools to access those parts of the brain and therefore intentionally choose how we go forward. For more information go to:

Models of Love with Barry and Joyce Vissell, November 2015


There are few roles in life that afford better understanding of unconditional love and selflessness than being a parent. Each moment and exchange, from parent to child and child to parent, is an opportunity to initiate oneself a little deeper into the divine that flows through all. And although as parents we tend to think of ourselves as the teachers, what we teach is truly teaching us. Barry and Joyce Vissell, authors of Models of Love, a book on spiritual parenting, share with us the joys and trials of parenting and their tips for maneuvering the path of greatest love. For more information go to: