Spring Numerology and Astrology Forecast with Denise Elizabeth Byron, March 2016


Although we are all a universe unto ourselves, we are intertwined with the universe around us. As we journey step by step through our lives what better way than to have a bag of tools to refer to for guidance and understanding. Denise Elizabeth Byron provides us exactly that as we welcome her back to look forward over the planetary and numerological influences for the months of Spring. For more information go to: DeniseElizabethByron.com

15th Annual New Living Expo with Ken Kaufman, March 2016


As more and more people wake up emotionally, socially, and spiritually to a desire for truth and well-being, we see events rising up to meet the needs of this growing demographic. One such event is the New Living Expo, now in it’s 15th year, with long-time owner Ken Kaufman at the helm. These events are just the opportunity, amidst a busy life, that allow for individualsĀ to tap into cutting edge ideas, information and goods all while connecting with like minded friends of old and new. Here I speak with Ken about the history of the New Living Expo and what we can expect this year. For more information go to: http://www.newlivingexpo.com

In the Company of Sages with Greg Bogart, February 2016


The seeker can find spiritual training in myriad forms. In the West, spiritual and religious traditions have a more individualistic approach, whereas, in many Eastern traditions a key element is that of the relationship between the disciple and theĀ guru. This dynamic is an evolving relationship that can have benefits as well as dangers. Greg Bogart shares his personal experience and research into the disciple/guru relationship in his book In the Company of Sages, providing a balanced and clear picture of what this experience can offer. For more information go to: Gregbogart.net