Clash of the Paradigms with Dannion Brinkley, April 2016


It can be easy to take all the simple joys of life for granted, but for Dannion Brinkley, taking life for granted is unthinkable after having experienced not one, but three, near death experiences over the course of his lifetime. Of the many important messages that were given to him one sticks out the most; live your joy and give your joy. In these precarious times the future will be determined by whether humanity chooses joy or fear, peace or war. In this interview we discuss his life, his books and the coming clash of the paradigms. Dannion will be giving three presentations at the New Living Expo in San Mateo April 29- May 1. For more information go to:

The Secret History of North America with Scott Wolter, April 2016


For the past 30 years Scott Wolter has been reading the stories left behind by land, rocks and runes as a forensic geologist. It wasn’t until his work with the Kensington Rune Stone that he entered into a hidden story of American history that hadn’t been told, and to this day has academics reluctant to consider the validity of. What is so important about the presence of the Kensington Rune Stone? Better yet, how would the awareness of the relationship between the Rune Stone, the Templars and America’s secret history shake paradigms that still define much of our world today? To dive in a little deeper with Scott join him at the New Living Expo where he will be giving a 2-hr presentation. For more information go to:

Resilience From the Heart with Gregg Braden, March 2016


Whether we are conscious of it or not we are all cultivating and participating in a personal and collective coherent field every moment of our lives. The difference between being a conscious or passive participant is our ability to purposefully bring about coherence in the field around versus allowing our emotions to contribute willy-nilly to an already somewhat chaotic mass energy field. Gregg Braden discusses the science of the mind-heart connection in his book Resilience from the Heart, as well as, his upcoming presentations at the New Living Expo in San Mateo April 29 – May 1. For more information go to: