Summer Cosmological Map with Denise Elizabeth Byron, June 2016


With four planets retrograde, Saturn square Neptune and an end of summer eclipse season there is much energy to work with and understand this summer. Add to that the different numerological flavors running through the summer of this Nine year and according to Denise we have this: “Nature, Nurture, Unplug, Refresh, Get Real about your Visions, and LOVE.” How will these things show up individually and collectively in your life? Denise Elizabeth Byron guides us through all of this and more in her Summer Cosmological Map. For more information go to:

Growing Up Wild and The Artemis Project Youth Empowerment, June 2016

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Community organizations in their highest form serve as pieces to a grand puzzle of building relationships, opening up creativity and solidifying foundations. What demographic could need these things more in today’s world than members of our youth? Leonardo Cruz of Growing Up Wild, a boys empowerment and nature connection program, and Kristen Rivers of The Artemis Project, a girl’s empowerment and nature connection program, share the beautiful experiences and relationships that are being cultivated in the work they do with youth members in Santa Cruz County. For more information go to: and

West Coast Dowsing Conference with Karen Ashley and Dick Tippit, June 2016


Dowsing is a practice and a tool that goes back deep into human history, commonly used for what is called “water witching”, or finding underground water sources. The uses of dowsing, with a pendulum, fork or just using your own body, are limitless. Not only is it a helpful tool for guidance but a very practical tool for engaging with the body to discover needs in a way that bypass the conscious mind to reach the subconscious, or energetic information. In this interview Karen Ashley and Dick Tippit not only share what dowsing has meant in their lives but the 5-day West Coast Dowsing Conference they are co-hosting at UCSC July 1-5. For more information go to:

The Resonance Project and Unified Field Theory with Nassim Haramein, May 2016


Occam’s razor suggests that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Finding the unified field theory is anything but simple, but the idea that the quantum is a fractal hologram of the the relativistic actually does simplify the  way that we see ourselves and understand how things work in this universe. Nassim Haramein has dedicated a good part of his life to connecting Quantum Theory with the Theory of Relativity, and it seems that he may just have found the theory that unifies them both. These findings promise big change in science, technology and consciousness. For more information go to: