Symbiosis Gathering, September 2016


What do you get when you mix permaculture and trance music, art performances and yoga workshops, deep conversations and the Woodward Reserve? Symbiosis Gathering of course! One of the last festivals of the season is ready to open minds and hearts as many different paths converge to celebrate life and rethink the possibilities of the future. Owner, Kevin KoChen,  shares what his journey through the years of Symbiosis has been, as well as, the awesome line up on all accounts for this 2016 Symbiosis Gathering. Penny Livingston joins us to share how paths like permaculture not only have a place at festivals but a place in every day life, no matter the scale. For more information go to:

The Book of Mastery with Paul Selig and the Guides, August 2016


Universal teachings over the millennia have come in many different forms from many different sources, yet the teachings themselves continue to be universal. How do we master ourselves in this physical form? How do we manifest a meaningful and divinely guided life? What is my purpose? These questions and many more are addressed in Paul Selig’s most recent book, the first in a trilogy, The Book of Mastery. Here he shares what these teachings mean in his life, as well as, the experience of being a channel to the ascended masters that he refers to as “the Guides.” For more information go to: