Kristin Carlson is a woman with a mission: create, inspire and transform. From earlier days of expression through music and dance as a singer, songwriter and choreographer, to her more current projects of using media and social gathering platforms for collaborating on ideas; communication is at the nexus of her work. Kristin co-founded the first annual UCSC Bioneers Conference in 2015, curating and producing a two-day event, focused on environmental sustainability and social justice, with over 25 speakers, 150 plus guests, performances and vendors. She is the host of The Transformation Highway, a radio talk show on KZSC Santa Cruz, dedicated to dialogue around the topic of cultivating inner transformation, believing it is this inner awakening that will foster the outer change necessary for the people and the planet in these challenging and beautiful times. Her interest in environmental awareness was supported in her work as a research assistant studying the urban farming/gardens movement. She acted as the Provost Sustainability Intern for the Kresge Common Ground Center, an organization dedicated to social and environmental justice, working in the realms of PR and event planning. Kristin applied the subject of inner transformation practically, leading an ongoing class on worldview transformation and meditation at UCSC, in conjunction with the Worldview Exploration curriculum provided by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. She graduated from the University of Santa Cruz, California, with a B.A. in Environmental Studies, with Honors. She still expresses herself through music with her band Nascosta and is a dedicated wife and mother of two beautiful children.

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